Designer and manufacturer of an extensive selection of bridges, low and high voltage rectifiers, high voltage fast recovery diodes, and high voltage assemblies. Available in a wide range of voltage and current ratings, recovery times, case configurations, and terminations. Each is designed with special characteristics to match a wide array of specific applications.

Single phase and 3 phase bridges, standard, fast, or ultra-fast recovery speeds, and printed circuit or chassis mounts. Available in a wide range of current and voltage ratings.

Catalog and custom designed rectifier assemblies covering a broad spectrum of voltages (up to 250,000 volts), currents (up to 25 amperes), and package styles.

Axial Lead diodes with standard, fast, or Ultra-fast recovery speeds. Current ratings from 5 milliamperes to 6 amperes. 50 Volts to 30,000 Volts.

Ultra-low leakage, sub-miniature high voltage night vision diodes and arrays. And other specialized application devices.

Custom Devices

Need something custom?

 EDI is ready to custom build completely new devices or alter the design of current product lines to meet your specifications.

Bridges up to

1A through 120A
Single-phase & Three-phase configurations

HV Assemblies up to

with currents up to 25A
Comes in a broad spectrum of packages

Diodes up to

5mA through 6A
Fast recovery and Ultra-fast recovery

Night Vision Diodes up to

Ultra-low leakage & sub-miniature
EDI has frequently introduced new, innovative designs into the industry:
  • Ultra-fast recovery bridges, rectifiers, & surface mount devices as low as 50 nano-seconds.
  • Ultrasonically cut round chips in all our diodes that reduce corona leakage and increase reliability.
  • Patented MINISEL high voltage focus rectifiers used in TV’s.
  • High voltage multipliers in TV’s and microwave ovens.
  • Night vision diodes and diode arrays used in military night vision rifle sights and aviator goggles.
    • Ultra-low leakage & sub-miniature

EDI Logo

Electronic Devices Inc.

Specialists in manufacturing rectifiers since 1951, operates out of three locations:


Yonkers, New York

Yonkers is our corporate headquarters and the center of our operations. All administration, engineering, marketing, and finance are controlled from this location. Our manufacturing operations in Yonkers include silicon processing, acid operations, quality control, engineering, and minor packaging and shipping.

Flag of China

EDI Fujian

Fujian, China

EDI Fujian was established in 1994 and is strictly a manufacturing facility to perform processes such as lead attachment, testing, encapsulation (molding and potting), marking and packaging.

German Flag

EDI Halbleiter

Nagold, Germany

Opened in 1977, EDI Halbleiter is a sales subsidiary handling all business in Germany.